ASPA Board of Directors

Bestor Ward, Chairman
Alvin K. Hope II, 1st Vice Chair
Ben C. Stimpson, 2nd Vice Chair
Tony Cochran
Daryl H. Dewberry
Horace Horn
Carl Jamison
Dr. Patricia Sims
The Hon. Merceria Ludgood

Port Staff

John C. Driscoll Director / CEO 251-441-7200
Rick Clark Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer 251-441-7238
Danny Barnett Vice President, Human Resources 251-441-7004
Linda Paaymans CFO, Secretary/Treasurer 251-441-7036
Maria Williams Manager, Accounting 251-441-7059
Kevin Malpas Manager, Risk Management 251-441-7118
Lisa Blakley Credit & Collections Manager 251-441-7990
Michelle Barlow Manager, IT Business Applications 251-441-7017
Brett Valentz Manager, IT Security/Network Infrastructure 251-441-7549
Bernard Scott Superintendent, Operations 251-441-7244
Scott Wallace Manager, Maintenance 251-441-7316
Bill Inge Vice President, General Cargo and Central Services 251-441-7236
Terry Gilbreath Captain, Harbormaster 251-441-7074
Rob Golden General Manager, Terminal Railway 251-441-7301
D.W. Lynd Assistant General Manager, Terminal Railway 251-441-7305
Kevin Hamilton Manager, Operating Administration 251-441-7176
Phillip Draughter Manager, Theodore Operations 251-441-7514
David Barr Safety Manager 251-441-9918
Technical Services/Engineering
Bob Harris Vice President 251-441-7082
Commercial Development
Beth Frisher Chief Commerical Officer 251-441-7535
Parrish Lawler Director, Trade & Development 251-441-7146
Kelly Sims Manager, Real Estate, 251-441-7113
Anna Ward Director, Sales & Customer Service 251-441-7516
Adam Graddick Manager, Customer Service 251-441-7144
Internal/External Affairs
Judith Adams Vice President, Internal External Affairs 251-441-7003
Sheri Collins Manager, Public Affairs 251-441-7001
Joy Lang Fixed Assets 251-441-7123
Corolene Anderson Terminal Railway 251-441-7078
Dillon Sims McDuffie/Pinto Island 251-441-7676
Suzanne Robinson Admin/Finance/IT/Real Estate/Commercial/Theodore/Internal-External Affairs/Telephones 251-441-7063
Kelli Williams Admin/Finance/IT/Real Estate/Marketing/Theodore/Telephones 251-441-7137
Police Department
Jimmie Flanagan Port Police Chief 251-441-7777

report all security incidents or suspicious activity
aspa port police: 251-441-7777
up-to-date information on port operations, return to work and channel conditions
aspa hotline: 1-888-251-5755
aspa welcomes anonymous or attributed notification of any questionable or illegal activity on port authority property
aspa ethics & compliance hotline: 1-800-939-3393
© alabama state port authority, mobile, al
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